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LoopTech Completes Massive Manifold Installation for Gaithersburg High School in Maryland

New Waverly, Texas — LoopTech International, a premier full service geothermal installation company, was selected by Thermal Loop Corporation to assist them with this installation. The team has successfully completed the exterior geothermal loop field installation and connected over 700 bores aggregated to a large mechanical room. PurgeRite completed all of the flushing and purging requirements.

Russell Buras, President & CEO, said we have participated on multiple projects with Thermal Loop and have install several schools and other public buildings in this part of the U.S. Thermal Loop provides the drilling and loop installation and LoopTech completes the connections to the mechanical rooms. We appreciate the teams that have worked on this large-scale project. Congratulations to Mr. Casey Skelton who was the Project Manager for Gaithersburg along with his Sr. Lead Technician, Matt McDaniel. The team under their leadership provided for another notable and quality installation.

The project to build the new Gaithersburg High School included renovation of an existing 1,000-seat auditorium, construction of a 3rd floor addition to the Arts wing completed in 2005, and complete replacement of the original 1951 school building on the existing 41 acre site. This new 420,000 square-foot facility was designed to encourage a flexible approach which accommodates changing educational programs, while maintaining an efficient and cost-effective use of space.

The mechanical system consists of a geothermal well HVAC system that is installed underneath the baseball field, football field and 2 other adjacent areas. This system is supported by 2 – 250 HP /3555 GPM system pumps that feed 17 energy recovery units along with 309 water source heat pumps and 2 – 40 HP/1890 GPM condenser water pumps which support a heat exchanger and cooling tower.

This project was designed for LEED Silver certification. LEED Gold certification is currently being pursued by the building owner, Montgomery County Public Schools.